Things to know for your June wedding in Southern California



Living in California, we all assume sunny beach-worthy days is something we get on the regular, then you hear about June Gloom.

What the heck is June Gloom? Well, if you’re a Californian you know that June Gloom is when we have low clouds or fog, and with a little wind from the north, bringing in the fog for some pretty gloomy days!

So if you’re planning a wedding in June in Sunny California here are a few tips to prepare!

1. Know that foggy/cloudy days make for AMAZING photos.
Even light is everything! It’s really hard to beat even light. As a non-photographer that basically means you’ll look like you’re standing in front of your window taking a selfie, EVERYWHERE you take a photo. I mean, magic!

2. June Gloom is mostly only in the morning.
By noon the sun will start to peek, just in time for the wedding to get started. Even if the sun does stay hidden all day, you can’t beat the lighting!

3. Rent outdoor heaters.
Sometimes during the summer’s June Gloom it actually get’s pretty chilly. The wind picks up a bit and boom; there’s a chill. Even if you don’t think you’ll need them, it’s better to know your guest won’t freeze.

4. Pack a mini survival pack.
The issue with June Gloom is that it’s not really raining it’s just wet from all the fog and marine layer. So pack a mini survival pack with:

+ A mini hairspray
+ A mini comb for the flyaways
+ A few super cute deep umbrellas. They’ll shield when walking from location to location and they sometimes look really cute in photos!

All in all, having a wedding during the gloomiest day will result in a pretty amazing day with the sun or without! California is just too beautiful not to deliver!

San Diego, CA