Wedding Day Natural Beauty & Wellness w/ Erma Lee McQueen | Lab 6:18

Your products are all-natural. Why is that important?

It was important for me to make simple products. With ingredients, you recognize and in their natural forms. For example, we have Limited Edition Belly Balms, it’s great for anyone with stretch marks or discoloration.

Or, if you’re struggling to control dandruff I would say using our Rice Water treatments would change your life. It’s fermented rice using distilled citrus water. It’s a common remedy for hair growth, too!

Tell us about your Lab 6:18 products and why you got started.

I made a switch to a more natural lifestyle a year ago. I went to a cleaner diet and an all-around healthy lifestyle.

To me, beauty and wellness go hand and hand. Haircare, skincare, and body care should be aiding your body to bring out our best natural beauty.

If I’m getting married in 6 months what kinds of things should I be doing with my hair now?

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle then, our products will enhance your natural beauty. Natural ingredients take a little longer to see improvement because natural herbs and oils are helping heal and restore.

If you’re getting married in 6 months this is the best time to starting using natural (simple) products. Give yourself the first 3 months to allow your hair and skin to restore its self. Scale back on what you use now. Then the 3 months before the big day start using natural makeup and hairstyling products. With balanced skin, you’ll notice you might not need as much full coverage as you once thought.

By then your hair will be stronger and longer than before, making choosing a wedding hairstyle a breeze.

If I can only pick one treatment, which do you recommend the most?

If I had to choose one product to start using to prepare, would be The Holy Rice Water Treatment. It’s great for your hair and skin. With consistency, the treatment will excoriate your hair growth and reduce dandruff. It’ll leave your hair healthy and strong. Also, using it on your face and body acne will protect & repair the skin. It’s all about balancing and leaving your skin toned and brightened.

p.s. Photos taken via Facetime.

San Diego, CA