It’s Tanya & Katy’s Turn

This August Tanya and I will be getting married. So we are now in the position of all of our couples as we plan the wedding of our dreams.

It has been an eye-opening experience. These wedding things can be so so pricey! We decided as soon as we started to talk about marriage that we wanted a subtle, non-traditional wedding. We assumed that this would mean that we could throw a party for next to nothing….which has not turned out to be the case. But nonetheless, we are (mostly) loving the planning stages. Of course, we sometimes get stuck on a detail or trying to decide what is right for us, but mostly, we imagine ourselves exchanging vows, dancing all night together, and finally getting to call each other wife.

When we meet our couples that have decided on us for their wedding; we always share to them the things we promise to do such as, to try and make them as comfortable as possible, to make them as happy and relaxed as possible, and in doing so. Why? You ask? So that we get the very best photos of their day. We also try to give them a bit of advice –which is to try to enjoy the planning process, not to sweat the small stuff, and to remember the big picture – which is that you get to marry your person at the end of all of this.

Now that Tanya and I are in the throes of planning our day – this advice carries more weight – and we too need to remember what it’s all about. It is easy to get caught up, worrying if we need to pay for an extra hour of photography, how long we need the limo for, how to kindly tell a certain friend that they cannot bring a plus 1, and all of the million decisions that g into planning a wedding.

But at the end of the day, if I can eat a taco, drink some wine, and dance with Tanya all night and call her my wife at the end of it, then it will be the best day of my life no matter what.

San Diego, CA