Surprise Proposal / Engagement Tips

She laughed that laugh that just makes you think, “There is NO way I can possibly live without her I have to propose!”
Then you get scared. You might be thinking, where do I even start?
The good news is, you already did the hard part; you found THE girl!
Congratulations, man! What an amazing step. Marriage isn’t easy but it’s definitely going to be awesome!
We’ve planned quite a few surprise engagement/ proposals in our short time in life.
Here are a few of our tips!
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Set a location 
Finding the perfect location is key and should be the first step on your, “I’m getting married” adventure. After the ring of course.
     Tip no. 1: Pick a location that really fits her personality. For example, if she’s a bit shy, I wouldn’t make the proposal super public. She might feel a ton of pressure to react to the crowd. But if she’s the rowdy kind, GO BIG! Or at least consider it.
     Tip no. 2: Think logistics. If you plan to include her family and friends make sure they can all either be included or at the very least see the “YESSS!” and the tears. There will be tears!
Set a time
Setting the perfect time is crucial! Why? OH, because of a little thing called, “The Perfect Sun Position” Okay, it’s not really called that but when the sun is just about to set it’s called the golden hour and it’s magical. It’s the part of the day that makes even taking the trash out, look like magic.
     Tip no. 1: A good photographer can make any lighting situation work, but wouldn’t you rather have the MAGGGICAL light?  Coordinate with your photographer or videographer for the perfect time and location.
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Don’t be basic.
Make that woman feel crazy special. Even if she doesn’t like to be the center of attention you can still go big by doing something really thoughtful.
     Tip no. 1: Don’t propose at a restaurant. Well, unless it’s the where you first accidentally met, not like the first date restaurant. WHY? Well, don’t be basic! Make it intimate and plan a location that you both love or where you first realized she was the one. It’ll mean more to both of you.
      Example time: She’s a coffee lover (like Gilmore Girls coffee lover) She doesn’t really like being the center of attention. She’s super confident but still. Here’s the plan. Ask her on a date. Like you always do (at least you better be doing! Always date your woman!) She’ll get cute cause… date night. Take her to your favorite beach spot where you guys go to read. Bring out the coffee and donuts. Three weeks before you order a coffee mug that says, will you marry me at the bottom. You take that out, pour the coffee. Talk about how much you stinkin’ love her and that laugh of her’s. Then boom, when she’d done with the coffee. You’ll have tears and hugs and you’ll get down on one knee and be the hero!
Remember to get down on one knee
Everyone loves a good, Down On One Knee Proposals! You’ll get nervous and think, maybe I’ll skip the knee but let me tell you! Everyone EVERYONE loves it! Unless you’re super modern but even then who doesn’t love a classic romantic moment?
Go to the location a few days before with your photographer
The last thing you want is for your photographer to miss the surprise because of miscommunication! Visit the location with your photographer or videographer. That way they plan the whole situation with you and suggest the perfect spot. It’s also way less stressful the day of. You won’t have to worry if the photographer is there or tell them where you’ll be.
Surprise propsal southern california
Take your engagement photos after the proposal 
Even if you only have 30 minutes until the next event, I would say the best time to take your engagement photos is right after the proposal. Why? Oh, cause you’re both so giddy and glowy and excited. Also, every time she sees her engagement photos she’ll remember the day and you just can’t beat that. We’ll even surprise her with photos to share THAT EVENING!
Southern California surprise proposal
Tips on getting her anywhere and dress appropriately!
The trick here really depends on when you want her to know you’re proposing.
If you’d like to make the proposal a super surprise and for her to not know it’s happening until IT’S happening:
     I say, tell her it’s a date. She’ll get all dressed up and you take her to your location. Boom, that easy.
If you’re thinking of making a full long day thing where she knows it’s coming but doesn’t know how.
     I say, let’s plan a full day with her and her friends and family.
          Example time: Have her closest friend call her and tell her she’s surprising her with a morning spa situation. Then have a second friend meet them at the spa to take her to get her hair blown out. Then you’ll have a third friend take out to lunch with all her lady cousins and moms. Everyone will take her to the beach where you’ll have the rest of the crew with a “Will You Marry Me?” sign. You’ll be on one knee. Boom. Tears!
Use all your resources!
All of your buddies are going to be more than willing to help so use them all. It’ll make for a huge surprise.
If you’re stuck on a plan, give me a call! We’ll talk this though and you’ll have a photographer’s perspective on things!
Congratulations and Good Luck!
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